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    As a multinational e-commerce company, QL was founded in 2005. We focus on designing, R&D, manufacturing and selling a broad range of women's clothing essentials. Our sub brands contain DELIMIRA, SYROKAN, CRZ YOGA, DOBREVA, MOMANDA and Gratlin, which sell women's lingeries, sports wear, and swim items. The philosophy of QL is bring more pleasure to women and care for women from all aspect. We hope these garments make you feel free, comfort and support at every moment.

    SYROKAN  Each processes are supervised carefully, meant to offer you maximum support when sporting.

    CRZ YOGA  To start a practice is to step outside your comfort zone and CRZ YOGA will be with you.We take comfort pretty seriously here at CRZ YOGA - Aim to make you feel free in movement.

    Gratlin  Aimed to provide comfortable nursing experience as well as a wide range of sizes for you, caring for great mothers.

    DELIMIRA  You know your body, we know your fit. Delimira's lingerie combines comfort and beauty, your perfect piece is waiting for you.