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    Customer Reviews

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    If you are choosing between the Lataly Racebrack Sports Bras ...

    If you are choosing between the SYROKAN Racebrack Sports Bras and the other Sports Bras: They're exactly the same, buy whatever is cheapest.
    The product itself suits my needs, I was tired of my bra straps falling down while I was running and this bra is certainly the way to go. I like this bra very much.

    Better than expected

    I was hesitant about ordering cheap online sports bras but these are great! I’m a size 32DD (VS standard haha) and ordered a size L, a bit worried they would be too big considering I’m normally a M and, because they didn’t actually have 32DD listed in their sizes.
    The fit is snug enough to keep the girls in place when I run but not crushing my ribs. It’s a very comfortable fit, at first I thought it was too loose, especially compared to previous sports bras. But I had no pain from running!
    I have an active lifestyle and wear these everyday and work out at least 3 times a week, including running, and body weight exercises (no lifting and hardcore stuff like that).

    Love these sport bras.

    I was worried because according to the sizing, I needed to order a small. I'm borderline between a 32 and 34, but decided to go small because this is a sports bra which is usually stretchy and I need them to hold tight while I'm running. I was pleasantly surprised that the small fit very well.

    Soft material, stays in place, no rolling or cutting

    This sports bra is excellent. The fabric is soft, and the bra stays in place without cutting, rolling or moving around.