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    I absolutely LOVE THIS BRA

    I absolutely LOVE THIS BRA!
    I am so excited that I got it. I got it in black, and it fits perfectly. I went ahead and ordered my measured US size (32DD) and I am so glad that I did not size up, since I don't think that it would do it's job if I got the bigger size. I think a lot of the reviews here saying it's too small aren't wearing their correct bra size. Maybe get measured before ordering.
    This bra is very supportive and I would say that it compresses as well which keeps everything right where it needs to be. I go upside down a lot and nothing moves and I'm not scared of accidentally flashing anybody anymore!
    The pads in the bra are removable. When I put it on, it was also super cold and there was zero show through.
    I've tried on tons of bras at Lululemon as well as own a couple from Victoria's Secret's VSX line and I like this bra way more. It was totally worth the money. I can't wait to order more colors.
    I haven't been this excited about a purchase in a very long time

    Slim women can order one band size up or their normal size

    I am 5'7" and 120 pounds, and I usually wear 32D. I read the reviews about the band size being tight so I ordered a 34D instead, and I would have to say that I could have gone with a 32D just fine. The 34D fits well and gives me plenty of support for running, but I feel like the band under the breasts was just a little bit loose and that I could have gone one band size smaller. If you are a slim or petite woman, you can order one band size up and it will work well and be just a little loose. If you would rather have it be more snug fitting, go ahead and order your normal band size.

    Good Support

    It is not bad, but I prefer the back closure with adjustable band, especially after a meal or during the festive season when you gain a few pounds. The support is good (don't bounce) and is comfortable on the shoulder.