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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    These are game changer for me a great lift wit zero padding

    So i have been struggleling to find a bra that really gives me support throughout the whole day this is it ladies!! I mean for the prices you cant beat it really. I was hesitant infact after reading reviews i went back cancelled my order and reordered a diff size. The straps are not to long as some said not for me anyway it also gives me a really nice lift w no extra padding and zero over flow which i hate .i bought 2 .when these wear out i will most def.buy these again.

    Very comfortable

    One of the best sports bras I have purchased. Gives great support and is very light weight. It is thin and some might have to use something underneath. I personally love it thin. It comes with underwire, I purchase 34D it fits true to size. I will definitely be buying a few more.

    Nicely made, pretty, fits great and comfy

    I recently decided I was wearing the wrong size bra and so decided to try my regular bra and three others in a size down hoping one would fit. I was fortunate that they all fit, so I think I have my right size now--38DD. This bra is really well made and very comfortable. I goes on quite easily, just like a t-shirt that you have to hook in th back after it is on. Coming off is a little harder, but well worth it.
    The fabric is very nice, the color (green) is great and the support excellent. The nice thing is this and thw Wacoal model I bought do not feel like armor. The straps are not really wide but very comfy.

    No more movement

    I got a 34DD which is my usual bra size and this fit well. It feels tight because of the compression but it's not uncomfortable. I love that when I run there is almost no movement and there's zero when I'm riding my bike on trails. This thing is a workhorse and it does its job well. That being said, this wouldn't be comfortable to wear as a casual bra around the house or to work. If you're looking for high impact support, don't size up, you'll lose support. If you're looking for a bra to wear under pjs, this is overkill.

    Was nervous about doing an online purchase for this...

    Fit true to size, exactly the tough high impact exercise support I needed. I usually wear champion underwire, but this was less expensive so I thought why not give it a try? Happy I did, will be ordering more.
    One potential situation, take a good look at the hook closure on the back, you cannot hook it together until it is on your girls and in place, so depending on your flexibility, it does take some finesse to close it, though that pales in comparison of my pros of it! Plus this one is more attractive than my other bras (not like that matters as it’s always covered, but it gives me some extra satisfaction