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    Finally! I found something that actually works!

    I love this work-out bra! I like the compartmental style as opposed to the squish-'em-and-hope-they-stay-put styles - which is just about EVERY OTHER BRA OUT THERE! I am super frustrated about not being able to find more bras like this. I'm thrilled for you if the squash-type bras work for you - bra buying must be much less frustrating for you! - but, understanding the mechanics behind it, they don't seem like they could possibly work as well as these "compartmental" type - the up and down momentum is not affected by just smooshing them down. Especially the larger you are.
    I like the fact that it is not padded, either. I guess I understand why all bras seem to be padded, but WHY ARE ALL BRAS PADDED??!? This is something that seems to be simply disappearing. All padding seems to do for me is hold (and help cause) sweat!
    Anyway, here's my plea to both bra wearers and bra manufacturers - if you're tired of bras that ineffectively squash you instead of support and HOLD you, let manufacturers know that we want MORE! This is a nice start, though.

    Definitely recommend for larger chested women and higher impact workouts

    Cute color (bought in the neon green) and great for higher impact workouts. I'm either a 34DD or 36D and it fits great also very secure (nothings going anywhere ;) and that's hard to find. Hahaha! The band is also very comfy. Definitely recommend.

    A decent replacement for my favorite Champion

    I am also a big fan of the Champion bra that this is a copy of. I was almost in despair when I found out it had been discontinued. I have a couple whose underwires broke over the years, and I am sure some of the others will give out at some point--they are quite old. So I figured, what do I have to lose? The current Champion models are not going to work, I will try these copies.
    I was pleasantly surprised. They are not quite as good as the original ones--their fabric seems a bit less soft, and the hook in back is a little smaller, seems cheaper, the underwires seem ever so slightly wider. But, they are less expensive than the Champions were, so I think that balances out being slightly cheaper made. The fit seems very very similar, and it seems like it would hold up. I also got the green one, and it fits exactly the same, which speaks to good quality control (we've all bought clothing where the size seems to vary slightly across different colors or fabrics for the same item). My preference would be for Champion to start making this model again, but if they want to be stupid about it, this bra is a reasonable replacement for women who can no longer get the original.

    Comfortable fit but too thin for me

    This bra was very comfortable. Stylish and not too bulky. Although I did read a couple of the reviews complaining of it, the fabric that makes up the cup of the bra is very thin. Too thin for this girl. I would have to wear numerous layers to cover things up and that might not have done the job. The size of the bra was very close if not exactly what I normally wear. The shipping was fast and the overall make of the bra was of high quality. I have a medium build, not skinny, and would say I am very toned. I normally wear a 34D/34DD or 36C in Victoria Secret sports bras. If I was ok with always wearing more than one shirt, this bra would have been nice to keep. Unfortunately, I returned it and I am still looking for the right one

    I screamed like a girl!

    Ok, i am a woman whose been looking for a replacement for the discontinued Champion Powerback high impact bra. I think Syrokan is made better no plastic parts, like on the champion $60.00 version tbat broke! Fits true to size, no uniboob, and pretty colors. The only bra I wear when playing tennis. Perfect!

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