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    Great for running!

    Never heard of this brand, so I was a bit skeptical. But given the amount of money I spend on ONE brand name sports bra, I figured it was worth the gamble. So glad I purchased this! Took it out for a 10 mile run, and it secured everything nicely with no chafing! (36DD so minimal bouncing is a priority.) Will be buying a few more to rotate!

    It will hold everything where it should stay

    I really love this bra. I wear anywhere from a 38D to a 42DD depending on the brand. My best friend finally convinced me to join her gym, so I went on a bra hunt, which in itself turned out to be a work out. After visiting 5 stores and finding only one bra that kept the girls strapped down pretty well while doing jumping jacks in the dressing rooms trying to "test them" against my crazy friends unknown work out routines, I went to Amazon as a last ditch effort to not spend $85 on a single bra. Gave this a shot and holy cow I am impressed. The shoulder straps are adjustable to make sure nothing moves. They are Velcro, so take your time positioning it when adjusting, as it can get irritating. It's almost like a compression wrap for your chest. I'm not one to go shirtless, but it's thick enough you won't be showing anything if you do. If you don't like tight clothing don't buy this; if you want to know that you won't have black eyes at the end of your workouts, this just may be the bra for you.

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